Bird of Prey (Face B)

from by TOXIC KISS



FACE B (3'59)
45T Fracasse

Interprété par Toxic Kiss
Arrangement trombones : Tom Rocton


BIRD OF PREY (M. Etienne)

I never thought I'd be able to live
Until today I was in a cage
The sun was just a picture for me
A dream hanging in my room

When the authorities struck once again
While it was quiet, it was once too often
My eyes won't cry any more tears
It's time to change our history

Ready to die to win my case
Child-beaters in the dock
They mumble in a fog
You put on a tie like you're already hanged
I realize this day
The sky will never be grey again... for me

I never thought I'd have the right to run
The roles are switched, you are in a cage
My picture's present for you
Sun you can hang in your room

You'll have to pay for your abuse of power
Like a bird of prey preying on usunder the icy showers
My eyes won't cry any more tears
It's good to change our history


from Fracasse, track released March 1, 2015



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